Custom Mechanical Keyboards

This is the 10th year I’ve been using mechanical keyboards - specifically with Cherry MX Blue switches and blank keycaps. Numerous keyboards and a few jobs later, the majestic clack is still euphoric.

top-down: travel, work, home

From the top down are my current travel, work, and home setups. The top keyboard is the first I built and was done so from a kit. The other two are built as this article describes. All keyboards are running the same firmware with the same layout. I value consistency a lot as it’s one less think about or adjust to.

If you’re curious, I love the Zowie FK1 mouse due its simple looks, lack of specialized drivers, and lack of hardware acceleration.


After rotating through a number of preassembled keyboards and one DIY kit, I knew my preferences and decided to build the keyboard which embodied them all.

I eventually decided on the following parts for the keyboards. All are all off-the-shelf except for the plate which was custom ordered ordered using swillkb plate and case builder and painted with black Plasti Dip.


As mentioned earlier, the popular and very active QMK Firmware powers my keyboards with a layout customized to meet my desires.

The source code for my layout can be found here.

my layout