LG 34GK950F defect analysis

The LG 34GK950F-B monitor I purchased in May 2019 has died. Its fate is the “horizontal lines” issue that many others have reported [1].

This is not what a $799 display should look like, but here we are.



While using the display, it randomly made a buzzing sound as horizontal lines appears on the display - still usable albeit in a degraded state. A few seconds later, the entire display turned into the picture above - completely unusable. There was a loud buzzing sound from the lower right of the display throughout all of this.


There were no signs of damaged components on the PCBs as I gradually disassembled the display. Only when I reached the panel did I notice something off - one of the ribbons connected to the panel looked different than the others.

The display is upside down in this picture. The pink arrow corresponds to the location where I initially heard the buzzing sound. outlier

The problem. char2

Under a microscope, I can clearly see that ribbon cable caught on fire at some point. char1


I don’t know of a way to repair this. The ribbon cable is directly connected to the PCB and, seemingly, the LCD. A hot air reflow tool might help with the PCB, but I’m not certain it would with the LCD.

Honestly, I feel ripped off. $799 for a monitor only to have it break in less than two years of normal use. Worse, I’m concerned about the safety implication this poses to others suffering from the same problem.